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Turismo - July 20, 2010

Sweet Cancun!

Mexico is one of top tourist destinations for Canadians; however there are some Mexican’s stereotypes that people make about violence and narcotraffic that can turn down our idea of traveling and discovering such a great country. I arrived at the DF not only under Alex hurricane’s alert, but also after an earthquake of 6, 2 degrees that stroked the south of Mexico. However the conditions for my trip were perfect and I could travel safe by car and by airplane, in addition, I discovered the wonders of the Pacific Coast and the beautiful Mayan Creek.

Now I can assure you that traveling in Mexico is very much worth it!. I believe I can write hundreds of blogs about this amazing trip, but I just want to give you guys a taste of it, so you can go and do it by yourself. Let’s start with Cancun that believe it or not, 40 years ago was an isolated stretch of unexplored beaches, tropical forest and mangroves.

With over three million people visiting every year, Cancun has been through many changes, and difficult moments with the arrival of Hurricane Gilbert on September 19988 and Hurricane Wilma in 2005, but despite of the ups and downs, this island remains splendid for tourists from around the world and celebrated its 40 anniversary in April 2010.

Cancun means “nest of snakes” in Mayan and a lot of honeymooners choose this island as a mean destination, so let’s take a look of its history:













Cancun back in time

1970: Development started. (Hotel zone, airport and downtown)

1974: The first hotels and airport open.

1976: Cancun attracts 100.000 visitors

1982: with 70.000 inhabitants, Cancun becomes the largest city in Quintana Roo.

1983- 1988 Massive expansion produces 12,000 hotel rooms with another 11.000 under construction, and more than 2000,000 inhabitants.

1987: The Hard Rock Café opens

1988: Hurricane Gilbert hits Cancun 8Category 5)

1993: The Ritz- Carlton hotel opens

1994: Cancun center opens to host conventions and exhibitions

1997: Coco Bongo night club opens

2005 Hurricane Wilma hits Cancun

2009: Swine flu epidemic sweeps Mexico, affecting tourism.

2009: Restoration project begins to rebuild Cancun´s beaches.

2009: The hotel zone sees the return of 40m- wide beaches.

2010 The restoration project is complete.


What to do










Scuba & Snorkel parasailing, water skiing,


















Visit Playa del Carmen

Xcaret (Tropical Theme Park)

Akumal ( Beach resort)

Aktunchen (Caverns)

Coba ( Archeology buffs)

Telum and Kel-ka (archeological site)

Sian Ka’an (nature reserve)

Where to shop

La Isla shopping village

Luxury Avenue Mall

Kukulan Plaza








Where to dine

La Madonna (Italian cuisine)

Crab House (Sea Food)

La Dolce Vita (Italian cuisine)

Gustino (Italian cuisine)

Puerto Madero (Argentine cuisine)

Tequila Grill (Mexican cuisine at Luxury Avenue Mall)

Hacienda El Mortero (Mexican cuisine)

Rain Forest

The Ritz- Carlton

Bistro Latino (modern latino)





Mexican show:

Hacienda Sisal: Excellent Mexican cuisine, music and dance.




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