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Cultura - June 7, 2010

Change your water, change your life

In Japanese, the word Kangen means “return to the origin”. I met Roberto Gomez in Miami, who distributes the alkaline ionized water generator that extracts the acid from tap water through electrolysis, leaving pure healthy alkaline water for drinking.

Kangen alkaline water is revolutionary ionized water that can be produced in your home when simple tap water has been filtered then restructured through ionization. During this ionization process several important things happen to alter the structure of the water making it more useful by the body.

“Nature has produced “miracle Water” in only five places in the world The native people in these areas all enjoy long and healthy lives. The secret to these waters is

that they are clean, alkaline, micro-clustered, “anti-oxidant waters” Assured Roberto, and he adds that exhaustive research in the biological medicine field has determined that aging process is accelerated as acid levels in bodily like blood, urine, and saliva rise.

These combination of elevated acids and increased oxidation promotes the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungus and cancer cells. The overgrowths of these pathogens accelerate the breakdown of healthy tissues. Increased biological aging gives rise to disease and ultimately death.

“Change your water, change your life” is the slogan that Kangen promotes and Roberto gave me a bottle of water that he took from the special unit he has at his house. I felt my hands were not as dried as they are after I wash them with regular water, I tried to smell it and I don’t remember I had any additional experience, it tasted well though. The more I heard about this “miracle” water the more I became curious. Roberto told me several testimonies from people who declared that using Kangen can do wonders to your body, so I was glad to see all the information he had to explain everything about Kangen.

Are we drinking healthy elixir or a corrosive acid? We can find out this answer after reading all the information Roberto had, so I am going to recreate our conversation.

NG. What causes an acid imbalance in the body?

Roberto Gomez: There are four major contributing factors behind an acid imbalance: The acid forming foods, it means regular consumption of highly refined foods, sugars, white flour, meat, alcohol, sodas, and fried food increase acids.

Beside this, life stressors created an artificially high production of adrenaline which is naturally acid compound; and many of the products we routinely use to clean our bodies, our clothes and our homes contain significant concentrations of toxic chemicals. These chemicals are either taken into our lungs when we breath or are absorbed by our skin.

In addition, due to improper chemical dumping, run off fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, incomplete treatment of raw sewage, an overgrowth of microbes and chemicals used to clean our municipal water supplies are often a source of impure tap water.

NG. How do excess acids impact my health?

Roberto Gomez: In an ideally functioning body, the first morning’s saliva would register at PH 6.5- 6.75, urine at 6.5- 6.8 and venous blood at 7.3- 7.35. Each day our bodies diligently strive to achieve and maintain those pH balances. If necessary our bodies will rob organ or musculo-skeletal tissues of nutrients to achieve these pH readings, slowly eroding our overall health.

NG. How can we change our body’s pH?

Roberto Gomez: You can employ daily stress reduction techniques like exercise, meditation and prayer. Eat a diet primarily composed of organically grown fruits and vegetables or substitute non-toxic cleaning methods for toxic cleaning chemicals.

While each of these steps are important in making a positive chane in your acid-alkaline balance, the most significant and measurable change is the consumption of clean, alkaline, “anti-oxidant” water.

NG. How does oxidation impact our bodies?

Roberto Gomez: Oxidation is the process by which our bodies break down or “age” biologically. Each cell in our bodies contains a combination of proteins, minerals and fats. As these cellular building blocks are exposed to oxidation the fats become rancid, the proteins putrefy and the minerals rust- all of which leads to decomposition.

NG. What causes oxidation?

Roberto Gomez: Free radicals are the cause. We have all seen examples of oxidation in nature- metals rust, plants decompose, proteins like meat putrefy and oils become rancid when exposed to free radicals.

Free radicals are all around, they are abundant in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. They are even produced in your body as cellular waste.

NG. Drinking Kangen water reduces the oxidation?

Roberto Gomez: since our bodies are composed of roughly 70 trillion cells which are primarily water (from 76-98%) the water we drink is the water that makes up these cells. Surprisingly, water can be one of the most corrosive substances we can ingest, yet it is essential for life. That is why the quality of the water we consume directly impacts our overall health. Kangen Water contains large quantities of negatively changed ions that act as “anti-oxidants” in the body. These anti-oxidant ions are measured and expressed as OPR The higher the negative number, the greater the antioxidant potential of the water. Kangen Water contains the greatest anti-oxidant potential of any water.


Thanks to: Roberto Gomez.

Photos: Washington.com

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