¿Qué tipo de elector eres?

Mar 23 2018 / Published in Colombia

El elector colombiano tiene una cita con la democracia el próximo 11 de marzo para elegir al Congreso de la República. En medio de todo el abanico de aspirantes, la publicidad que pulula en las calles, redes sociales, medios de comunicación, etc, etc,  navega la gran expectativa sobre los retos que les espera a los nuevos parlamentarios, quienes deberán ponerle el pecho a reformas a la salud,  justicia,  política, pensiones y eventaulamente a  una nueva reforma tributaria.

Patrizia Castiglione: Your first camera is your eye!

Ene 31 2010 / Published in Crónicas

Patry_nueva_2Spontaneous, independent, even unpredictable that is photographer Patrizia Castiglione. She loves to capture the essence of human spirit in every single shot, and besides being a fashion photographer; she was very determined to create Weddings by Magnolia, a magnificence studio in Montreal that makes any women dream not only with the idea of getting married but also having the perfect wedding album that will last forever and ever.

Patrizia works since 2000 with many editorial publications, covers and commercial contracts; she has traveled to Tahiti, Equatorial Amazon, Cuba, France, Mexico, Dominican Republic to work and also to feed her creativity, she held two conferences at the Los Angeles Trade show for NAHA, speaking about how to make it a winning photo shoot, and she won best photo in 2000 and 2001 at Naha awards.
In addition, she is a key collaborator in video productions for multi-media companies making commercials for such companies as Ericsson and Mountain Dew, with responsibilities such as production manager, and lighting director and primary collaborator in direction of photography. When Patrizia awarded the Grand winner of the NAHA awards in 2001, her winning photo represented the world trade show in Japan