Jefe mujer: ¿un lobo con piel de oveja?

May 07 2019 / Published in Cultura

@NataliaGnecco A comienzos de enero, Gabriela de 38 años no se cambiaba por nadie había logrado vincularse a la empresa que tanto soñó.

El mundo de Sofía Carrero

Nov 30 2011 / Published in Quebec

Ser capaz de sumergirse en ese maravilloso proceso de capturar imágenes y fijarlas en un medio material sensible a la luz, sin perder la sensibilidad por cada gesto que producen los seres humanos en su ámbito cultural, es una de las características que más impactan del trabajo fotográfico de Sofía Carrero.

Con apenas dos años de vivir en Montreal, Sofía comienza a brillar con luz propia, pues es una joven venezolana que comprueba que en cada fotógrafo hay un artista en potencia. Sus cotidianas imágenes nos hacen pasar de la cordura al caos sin sonrojarnos, porque así es ella, natural, descompilada, una mujer acelerada, que habla y piensa rápido, cualidades necesarias para vivir al ritmo que imponen las grandes urbes.

The Gaza effect

Ene 26 2009 / Published in Quebec

Since the beginning of Israeli military onslaught on the people of Gaza on December 27, we have seen public meetings in Canada to demonstrate Palestine solidarity, promote peace in the Middle East, as well as fundraising campaigns to purchase and direct the transfer of medical supplies to Gaza hospitals. However, it is always healthy to go farther the news, analyze what is going on, and why this conflict shouldn’t be treated like a natural disaster. As we all know, Israel granted the cease-fire a few days ago, but during the attacks, some non governmental organizations affirmed that Canada was pretty much supporting the Palestinian genocide.

I couldn’t find a better way to debate this matter than writing a bilingual blog, because this is the way we all have learned to have a discussion here in Quebec. On top of that, this intellectual exercise allows people to express themselves in a way that always turns into an enriching cultural experience.

I had the opportunity to attend a conference at the University of Quebec in Montreal, UQAM, where Jeff Halper, Director of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, gave an interesting speech, that was presented by Professor Rachard Antonios, director of the Department of Sociology of UQAM. During this encounter, I also talked to Abraham Weizfeld, secretary of ACJC, (Alliance des Canadiens/nes Juifs/ves consternés/es) and I received the newsletter from a participant named Tom Tsukerman regarding the situation in Gaza. By the end of the conference, we all had the chance to listen to different opinions from an intellectual bilingual audience.

In addition to this discussion group session, I also interviewed Yann Evima Vouma, a lawyer of International Law, and Humans Rights for Amnesty International, who I met last year in Ottawa.

2nd edition of the Latin American Bloggers encounter

Oct 03 2010 / Published in Festival


Second edition of the Latin American Bloggers encounter was a complete succes. Christian Agbobli Ph.D Professor at the department of social and public communication of UQAM invited me to participate in a round table along with journalist Laura- Julie Perreault and blogger Isbel Alba, to discuss about our role as bloggers in society; how do we analyze the technological choices made by Quebec or Canada as regards to integration; what are the relations between blogs and journalism; and what is the role of our blog in society.