Super trio: niños, obesidad y nutrición

Ago 14 2009 / Published in Quebec

Sin lugar a dudas la obesidad sigue siendo un tema obligado en Canadá, recuerdo que en el 2006 el Gobierno de Quebec creó un plan de acción de $ 400 millones de dólares para educar a los quebequenses sobre la importancia de mantenerse activos y alimentarse bien, pero en realidad no es tan fácil iniciar este programa de prevención, y nadie más indicado que el doctor Alain Sirad, médico, pediatra, nutricionista clínico del hospital Sainte - Justine en Montreal para abordar el tema.

What's up Montreal (IV) Inside the Jazz Festival

Jul 08 2009 / Published in Cultura

You Rock!

Jeff Beck, one of the world’s best guitar players, showed up in the press conference to receive his prize, the tribute of Montreal Guitar Room. He answered different questions from the journalists, and what I liked the most, was his humbleness to recognize that he had also made mistakes when he recorded songs. The legendary guitarist that made a fusion between rock and jazz assures that he doesn’t care about politics, so he loves to play Arab melodies as well. GREAT concert!.

What's up Montreal (V)

Jul 13 2009 / Published in Cultura


One of my great discoveries at Montreal Jazz Festival was Somi. I went to see her at the Astral Theatre and I was very impressed by her performance. She has a strong, rich, well- educated voice, with great depth of expression! Somi is an American singer & songwriter of Rwandan and Ugandan descent. She is a master of fusion of an African flavor into Jazz as “Holistic New African Jazz”. After her performance, her CD was sold out in a couple of minutes. She is just unbelievable!

What's up Montreal (VI)

Jul 13 2009 / Published in Cultura



Once again the Montreal’s Jazz Festival brought great activities for kids at Place Desjardins. There were lots of kid-friendly activities for their parents too, all free. What a wonderful way to introduce jazz as something to do together with your family. Besides that, magazines were full of discounts and nice jazz souvenirs for children.