Wayira Beach hace vibrar Mayapo

Oct 25 2018 / Published in Turismo

@Natalia Gnecco

Si Rafael Manjarrez, considerado uno de los compositores más grandes del folclor vallenato se hubiera imaginado que la letra de su canción Benditos versos iba a recobrar vida en Mayapo

Sweet Cancun!

Jul 20 2010 / Published in Turismo

cancun1Mexico is one of top tourist destinations for Canadians; however there are some Mexican’s stereotypes that people make about violence and narcotraffic that can turn down our idea of traveling and discovering such a great country. I arrived at the DF not only under Alex hurricane’s alert, but also after an earthquake of 6, 2 degrees that stroked the south of Mexico. However the conditions for my trip were perfect and I could travel safe by car and by airplane, in addition, I discovered the wonders of the Pacific Coast and the beautiful Mayan Creek.